Small Change. Big Difference.

Effortless rounding for your favourite causes.

Any bank card, any charity.

How it works

  1. Search and select your favourite charity
  2. Provide online banking credentials for your rounding account(s)
  3. Add a credit card for your monthly pledges

If you use your card(s) once every day, you'll likely round-up about $15 per month (Avg $0.50 per purchase x 30 purchases). You can even set a minimum and maximum amount for your monthly donation.

At ChangeIt, your security is our first priority! ChangeIt connects through your bank's required security settings using industry leading encryption and does not store any of your important information on our servers.

Become an agent of change

It is never too late to be a catalyst for change. There is always an opportunity to be unique and bold.

Becoming a ChangeIt donor calls individuals to amplify their impact a few pennies at a time. When you contribute your Virtual Change to the cause you care about, you increase the ecosystem of giving while inspiring others.

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